Agressive fish?

i have an aligator gar and im interested surrounded by getting some cichlids, what are some good cichlids to own and can u mix all types? What other types of fish can u mix beside cichlids and a Gar
Answers: I'm laughing but at the same time dismayed. Because I know you don't have a reservoir big enough to keep hold of a gar in for greatly long. Unless you have a huge pond or custom built tank, an alligator gar won't do very well in a cistern. But alot of places that sell gar in actual fact sell spotted and longnose gar and overhaul them off as alligator gar so if it is one of the two, it's at most minuscule a little better. Depending on the size of the container and gar, your choice of tankmates is limited to hulking cleaner fish like plecos. Gar will chomp through whatever they can fit surrounded by their mouth, but they do well next to most any fish of similar size low aggression. Gar aren't as territorial as other fish like bass or some cichlids.
i hold a flowerhorn cichlid he is really *** mean...u can't put adjectives cichlids together some are more agressive then others

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