23 gallon hexagonal container NEED FISH RECOMMENDATIONS!?

already in the cistern are 2 clown fish 20 pounds of live rock, 4 turban snails and 6 hermit crabs
Answers: Blue/Green Reef Chromis are a personal favorite of mine, along near Neon Gobies, Firefish, and the Longspine Cardinalfish. Check out the link below for a few more dutiful nano choices.
Possibly a goby of some kind, perchance a nice cleaner shrimp or some cardinals.

@ lavandergable:
We are talking just about saltwater fish. Please know your stuff next time.
I dont reflect you need more fish, but if you insist gain some little colourful guppies if there small ample you could get around 10-15 or them. dont hermit crabs similar to land? you should hold them in a dry reservoir with sea.
dont get beta fish.

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