10 Gallon Tank?

I know, another fish question -_-' but I wanna manufacture sure I dont just move about out and buy any fish...I've already planned on getting a ten gallon tank near platies in it, one uncommon for breeding, just a reservoir to keep them contained by, and I'll use another one for breeding.but I also want to breed (in a seperate tank) an egg layer that can be in motion in a ten gallon container with the platies after I stop breeding them. I've already tried zebras since, but it just never seem to work, and I was hoping for a fish thats for a time bit bigger than the platies, but will still fit in the cistern. I really dont wanna try siamese fighting fish any since you have to seperate them. So deeply I want an egg layer that will fit within a ten gallon tank beside platies but when I decide to breed them I wont hold to seperate them.... And I want one thats fairly smooth to breed too...Any suggestions? because I dont want to buy a fish that will eat them or obtain too big for the tank :(
Answers: 10 gallons is apposite about 3 full grown platies, possibly 4. If you aren't planning on them breeding craft sure they are all males but that can front to fighting.

Just a interrogate of my own. Why is everyone obsessed lately beside breeding fish? No one is going to make any money sour selling fry to fish stores and most won't even take them for free? Is it the taunt of doing it?
oscar is a bad conception! they eat smaller fish

and the bettas... you can put one manly in a 10 gal. container they won't bother your other fish they mainly mope around the top, but if you're have eggs IN the tank might not be a angelic idea. I'm not sure if they'd try and drink them.

Best bet would be to visit your local petsmart or petco and relay them what you have surrounded by mind about the eggs. They can probably describe you the best fish to get.
goldfish :D

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