30 gallon reservoir and a Green Terror?

I recently set up a 30-gallon reservoir at my new apt. and moved my GT surrounded by. He went from a 20-gallon to a 30-gallon and is the lone leaseholder, as he was contained by the 20-gallon. He has completely changed behavior (no shock, right?) He have become far more aggressive and active contained by the larger tank and he have started doing this crazy thing on the tree trunk that I own in the cistern.

Basically, he found a recessed spot in the trunk and he spins himself around and around that spot, sometimes rubbing himself on it. Not his sides as see in ich, his belly which brings me to the next entity ...

In front of his anus there is something ... protruding. I enjoy never seen it past on him, it is whitish and honestly looks like an egg. I'm not truism that's what it is, just dictum that's what it looks like.

My GT is something like 3.5 inches and has some really nice coloring.
Answers: Does he look resembling he is trying to clean bad a flat rock or clean stale the bottom of the tank to the cup? He might be thinking of mating, if so. If you are interested contained by breeding him, you would need a bit bigger reservoir, I think.
She is getting prepared to lay her eggs. infertile, of course.

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