Aggressive Albino rainbow Shark?

About 2 weeks ago I notice my little albino shark be geting to aggressive with my little ryukin goldfish and in a minute his fins are all bitten, so I moved him next to my Betta and the next daylight the Betta's fin's were adjectives bitten to now he looks approaching a crown Betta. so now the shark is alone. Why is he individual so aggressive? Im thinking he might have Parasites? will my Betta and ryukins fins grow backbone?
Answers: Rainbow sharks do best with smaller, non-threatening fish. They're tremendously territorial and need a biddable place to hide similar to a cave or a nice spot between the rocks and plants. He be probably threatened by the betta's long fins. I've kept these guys with bettas up to that time but unless they've got plenty of room and perfect hiding spot they will not get along.

You can't hold on to rainbow sharks with goldfish. Their sea requirements are completely different and the shark would end up dying.

Your rainbow shark is probably not suffering from fleas. This is just how they exploit. If you don't have a suitable cistern for him I would just return him to the fish store. As for your betta and goldfish, their fins will grow support but it will take some time.
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