55 gallon stocking question?

I have a 55 gallon aquarium, near a heater, and aquaclear filter for 40-70 gallons, what should I put contained by it? I have a pleco thats contained by there and must stay, so doesn`t matter what I get must be capable of go w/ it (its a royal pleco) if you requirement more details just ask.
Answers: Stick to non-territorial fish that tend to stick more to the top or open out water. Royal plecos can be terribly territorial and are extremely strong, and any fish that tries to share its space will hurt for the effort.

You enjoy a lot of choices - hundreds of things that can work. What do YOU approaching? I would consider a school of a largish tetra resembling Congos for the open marine and then probably a school of hatchets or something for the top area's.

The problem near African cichlids is that they are most accurately set up in an environment completely unlike that of the Royal Pleco. You would want lots of rocks contained by the tank and extraordinarily little in the bearing of plants and wood, while wood is mandatory for this pleco and they do best in the typical riverine style setup.

You can try a single unperturbed, open river cichlid, like a severum. One would will work near any schooling fish large plenty not to be considered food, and it should work with the pleco because it won't try to hide away in his cavern. Don't just draw from any cichlid though, because most enjoy hiding, which is what you are trying to avoid here. Something resembling a single Severum, a school of topdwellers close to hatchets, and your pleco would fill up the container and look pretty nice. You don't want to stock to heavily and must consider Royals get extremely big and are very messy beside big appetites.
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