Natural science , the jellyfish own invaded the salmons cage?

obviosley they cant eat them but hier stings and blocking the cage will kill the salmon , what is a predator of Jelly fish i believe they are in the region of 90% water ?
Answers: What eat jellyfish?

Jellyfish may eat other animals but they are not immune from individual eaten themselves. Fish probably are celebrated predators on jellyfish, but guess what? One of the major foods of marine turtles in some parts of the world are jellyfish! In the break open ocean, jellyfish are probably one of the most key parts of the food chain - a moment ago because they are so abundant within these environments. Jelly fish can number in the hundreds surrounded by a single square metre. Probably the greatest surprise of all to European Australians is the certainty that jellyfish are a delicacy within many parts of the world. That is, humans are an earth-shattering predator of the "ole jelly blubber"!

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