Albino Rainbow Sharks- worthy within a community cistern?

I have a friend who wishes to give a couple of these, I involve to know if they are a good enhancement to a tank near guppies, mollies, plecostomus' and Ghost class catfish or if they are aggressive (hmm- I'm probably being prejudiced by their baptize...)
Answers: Only one rainbow or red-tailed shark to a tank, whether its albino or not. These sharks will not tolerate another fish surrounded by the same reservoir that has like body shape as they do. A 55 gallon would be a good size for them and you might be capable of get away next to a 40 breeder but anything smaller than that will be too small for the fish. Rainbow sharks can get to be give or take a few 6-7 inches long. If you do get the shark I would monitor them with the guppies. Rainbow sharks are usually certain as semi-aggressive and guppy tails are recurrently the target of aggressive and semi-aggressive fish.
One shark to a tank. THey commonly don't tolerate their own kind too okay. Might do ok with the other fish, it may run out up getting a bit territorial as it gets elder though. As long as the tank is big plenty, and it has ample room to swim and hiding places, it may work out ok.

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