2 question..?

1. how big are my 2 tanks...
one is 12.5 inches wideness 20 inches lenght and 60 inches going all the process around the tank (mesuring adjectives 4 sides)
2nd tank is hexagon 18.5 depth, 21.5 lenght, and 44 inches around

2. i put Algea Controll in my container with my tropical fish and i have 6 fish die from it, between that night and the subsequent day. immediately im down to 2 fish, my pleco and my male sword tail. why did they die? i put the right amount contained by, then my nana said thats what the pleco psyche for but i wasnt thinking, none of my goldfish died! but i dont get it.

i lost:
2 guppies
2 tiger barb
1 female sword tail
1 brightness light tetra

Answers: You didn't supply the correct dimensions to be capable of use an aquarium calculator, but I am putting the link to one below. For the hexagonal, you inevitability to know the width and distance from the ground of just one side. For the rectangular one (I assume explicitly the first one) you just stipulation to give the length, depth, and height, not the adjectives around measurement. I /think/ the first one is a 20 gallon though.

Never put chemicals close to algae control in your sea. As you've found out, it can cause severe problems. And adjectives plecos are A: too big for your tanks, and B: not vastly good algae eaters. They freshly grow huge. Same with the goldfish. Goldfish are in truth not good aquarium fish, lest you own a VERY large aquarium. The first fancy goldfish requirements 20 gallons of water, and respectively fancy therafter needs 10 gallons. So surrounded by other words, just two goldfish stipulation a 30 gallon tank, and with the sole purpose goldfish could occupy those 30 gallons.

I hope this helps.
I have the same problem next to my tank. If the reservoir is new it will cart some time with the Algea control. I would say-so within a 2-3 weeks your container should be good. Get some testers to experiment the water, can be found at most pet stores.

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