180 litre tank(46 us gallon) Cichlids?

I am looking for fish for my new tank(tropical) i really similar to the green terror.Any concept?
Answers: Green Terror's are a very nice colored fish, I'll offer you that, but the aggression levels surrounded by this fish would make it practically impossible to hang on to anything else with it. This type of fish is the type that like to claim and rule the whole reservoir if it could.

46 gallons is not a ton of space. You would have a undressed minimum to do a Malawi set up, and the difficulty there is sexing them. If you hold on to one male next to the rest female, after you're good to dance. But unless you know how to properly vent fish at sub adult sizes, you're rolling the dice next to Malawi's.

If you are looking for higher numbers, may I suggest Kribensis and Apisto's. They are smaller sized cichlids that would allow you to own a higher amount within a 46 gallon tank consequently most African set ups. If you go African, look for something surrounded by the smaller sized Haps if you want great colors, if you like commotion, again, try to get one masculine, and the rest females and go next to a Malawi set up.
3 fire mouths :)

or 5 yellow labs

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