AH Baby Fish!!?

ok ok. my fish i have babe fish in my reservoir but put them in a fish daypack away from the other fish incase they get eat. i dont know what i've ment to do with them, should i take off them i with the other fish? how do i nurture them?? help. any back available?
Answers: What kinds of fish do you own?
If you have any of the livebearers; guppies, mollies, platties and swordtails; They will administer birth approximately every 4 weeks, give or bring depending on the breed. If they are livebearer fry (egg layer fry are roughly too small to see clearly) I would just quit them in next to all the other fish. They will find small pieces of food, microscopic organisms and algae (in adjectives tanks whether detectable or not).
I've raised hundreds of fry this agency. Natural selection will evolve and your next equals of fry will be smarter and healthier due to the "bad" fry (diseased, deformed) individual captured and eat by the big fish.

Good luck and here's to many more little fry contained by your tank.
What type of fish are they, for a start?
My silver molly problem get out of hand and we have so many fish we be giving them away. We've had to buy an angel fish to hold on to the population down.
Yu can get a breeding reservoir, which will keep your babies safe and sound. You also can buy special baby food.
But reasonably frankly, I'd leave them alone. You don't want so various fish that your tank get full of disease. Some will probably survive their hungry parents.
i know it's hard, but near fish, it is a matter of survival of the fittest! i enjoy cychlids and out of 200 babies, i am now disappeared with roughly speaking 30. the parents will usually look after them, depending on the breed! i hated the thought of my fish getting eat and i tried to seperate them and i got departed with 5 at the finish off of my efforts, so it is best to set off them, if you disturb the fish to remove the babies, they will all swim around the cistern in a frenzy, including the babies, and the others will drink them! The only other method is to put the parents into a secluded breeding cistern, so that you don't lose as many babies within your next load (most fish breed quite regularly once they own started, but this batch is better past its sell-by date left alone. As far as feed, you can get 'fry' food from the vet or pet store, or if you evacuate a bucket with hose and lettuce leaves out in the sun for something like three days, it will develop little worms, and these are VERY good for growing babies, otherwise, the parents will nurture the young (if they are looking after them)

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