A lil mistake..hehe?

ok..wat'll happen if i put my moor fish contained by 20liters of water instead of 20 gallons??...and how much dampen to glodfish need??(the lil ones...not the big spiecies).i really messed up.
Answers: The fish will die slowly over time because of ammonia poisoning because goldfish are particularly messy fish. Though I am sure the 20 liters can be a /very/ temporary home until you can upgrade. You must theory test for ammonia daily, and preform copious water change, though.

NO goldfish are small, though they start out that way. All goldfish are indistinguishable species (there are different varieties, though) and ALL gain big! The first fancy goldfish needs 20 gallons of wet, and the next thereafter requirements 10. Thus, two fancy goldfish need a minimum of 30 gallons of marine to themselves.
There is no little kind of goldfish, they're adjectives the same species. I own seen a black moor to be exact about 8 inches long. I come up with the minimum for a single goldfish is 25-30 gallons and then 10 more gallons for respectively additional fish that you attach.

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