HOB Fitler?

Okay, so basically, when the hose down from my HOB filter hits the surface of the water, it creates bubbles. I don't approaching the look of the bubbles when it lands. What can I do or block the water drop so it doesn't make bubbles? I also don't want the speed of the flow to be decrease.
Answers: Some filters allow you to adjust the wet flow such as aquaclear. Other wise, lift the water level in your cistern. You can try making a device to slow the water down in the past it hits the surface. Take an empty 20 oz. bottle and cut the 2 ends rotten so you have a tube, the cut the side straight up the tube so you can Bend it to engineer a half pipe. Tape one appendage to the top of your filter and let the other running out curl underneath the waterfall.
Raise the hose level so the dampen from the filter flows back into the container insted of falling into the tank or extend the output of the filter somehow to below the river level.

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