A cichlid cross-question?

how can you distiguish a male from a womanly cichlid by just looking at the fins.?
can anybody confer me a pic of a male and feminine ciclid together?
and also the kinds of ciclid..example..electric washed out..etc
Answers: near you average ram, the male's third spine (?) of his dorsal fin is noticably longer than the 4th (for females, the 2nd is longer than the 3rd). though when they're juvenile it can be harder to let somebody know

i hope it's a family trait but profoundly depends on the species. people right to be heard with some species, the lone way to know for sure is to study one laying eggs!


electric sickly

the site has a impartial bit

(also colours as people said, but that can be even harder to bring up to date if they aren't mature)
On the Cichlids I have The Males return with color and the females stay grey. I have 12 tank of different cichlids now. stir to http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/ and they will have pictures in attendance

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