Air pump and oxygen stone for fishbowl?

Hi there, is at hand an air pump and nouns stone or bubble wand or whatever that I can put surrounded by a 1 gallon fishbowl?

I'm looking for one that will be effective, but not TOO powerful that it will spoil the fishies.

(note: this is just conditional until we have space for a big tank)
Answers: draw from the cheapest model and add a backflow stopcock to the hose. you can use it to restrict the air flow out. They should put on the market them right near the pumps.
Yes, a short time ago go to the store and you'll see for yourself they get rid of small sized air pumps and stones that will work for you. But I urge you to consider not even getting fish until you win the space fo a big tank, unless you plan on starting next to nothing except a couple of guppies or a betta.

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