Algae control?

Our turtle tank single maintains clear river for about two days and consequently soon afterwards becomes highly green. We have to exchange the water so regularly. Can someone recommend a better way of controlling the fast growing algae? Thanks! :)
Answers: I have no theory how you do it that you get algae surrounded by an turtle tank, that's something i don't figure out at all
anyway, i do own a turtle tank beside red ear sliders, and my water is chalice clear

I have them contained by a 30 gallon tank
next to a submursible filter for a 40 gallon tank which is turned on full blow, own the tank one and only filled in the middle,
have a floating piece within there
the container is away from the window
enjoy an especially heater for turtles contained by there for the months of october to april
stock up evaporated water once a week
do a partial waterchange of 50% every 2 weeks
enjoy the lights on for 12 hours during the day and turn them sour at night for 12 hours
Feed them once a afternoon with turtlefood or near dried shrimp

That's all i do and my reservoir is clear

Hope that helps
Good luck

You probably enjoy too many turtles contained by the tank, try removing one or two. If you are positively sure this is not the case, seize a pleco. Also you could try getting a pump and filter for the tank if you don't already own one.

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