What thoughtful of Water are Tropical Fish?

I forgot...was it saline or fresh?
Answers: It can be either one - tropical single refers to the temperature. "Tropical" is above 76o (generally 76-82o, but some can stir higher), or fish that generally would involve a heater surrounded by their tank (unless you hold a very melt room for them). Just as Tropicals can be either brackish or freshwater, so can coldwater species.

If there's a particular species you have need of to know, you can probably find it in one of these links:

http://www.elmersaquarium.com/000tropfis... - freshwater solitary
http://www.liveaquaria.com/ - fresh and saltwater
http://www.fishprofiles.com/profiles/... - fresh and saltwater

tropical at most LFS relates to freshwater though.

But tropical marine fish is also sometimes used.
There are saltwater tropical fish, brackish water tropical fish (mix of saline and fresh water) and freshwater tropical fish. Almost all freshwater fish commonly kept by aquarists are tropical, beside goldfish as the most common exception. The lead to freshater fish in nonspecific is that they are usually much easier to keep the cistern steady and the fish healthy than saltwater fish.
Tropical merely refers to any fish (fresh or salt) that require a constant water heat of 72 degrees Fahrenheit or highly developed.
tropical is based on warmth. it is both salt and fresh except its call brackish water, where on earth it is freshwater with glorious salinity.

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