180 litre cichlids (african or american) reservoir?

want decent size fish at most minuscule two and smaller ones.Have good comments so far but still unsure.Looking for entertaining fish whicheither interact or look great or own funny habits.
Answers: I know it is rock-hard to decide,I enjoy 3 tanks near different cichlids right now and would love to hold more.Convicts are a great fish but unless you want fry or just one avoid them .Fire mouths and ram are nice cichlids as well.The Malawi cichlids are intensely colourful and active making them slightly interesting.All cichlids are interesting and fun to watch so you really newly have to construct a decision base on what you want in your reservoir,you will probably get purely as many populace on here that like one type as similar to the other.
well, your reservoir is a little more than 47 gallons. thats adequate to have abundant kinds of cichlids. for a reservoir that size, id suggest some of the more pleasant malawis, such as the electric yellow. also, anything you do, do not add an oscar as im sure someone will suggest. the call for at least a 75g reservoir.

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