2 Fishie Questions!!! One's simple though!! :D...?

I recently get a 2-gallon fish aquarium. I now own one platy and two guppies in it.

1. I get the food that the cashier recommended. I've other thought that you were supposed to nurture them once a day (which is what I've be doing for years!), but the directions on the package said to nurture them a few times a day!

This is a unusual brand of food that I'm using, would the feeding directions diverge from another brand? How many times should I nurture them then?

2. The two guppies seem to be to be picking on the platy. They're always following it around and pecking at it. The platy seem to always be trying to achieve away from them! If I got another platy, would that aid them to stay away from it?
Answers: 1. The guppies are very curious animals they tend to pick at anything that catch their attention for example you should not mix a male beta near some kind of sish seriously of people meditate its because the beta will attack them, but its not it is because the other fish will start to bite on his tail especially guppies. Platy's on the other hand are kept surrounded by groups of 3 or your platy may die of stress or loneliness...guppies are kept in groups of 5 because they love playing around..
2. What I did when my fishes be bitting each other it be because they were stressed out and be too playful...my solution I got them bubles abundantly of them (not enough to execute them though) and ever since then the guppies play beside the bubbles and so do the other fishes
The pet stores also sell different toys for your fishes...
Fishes are more fun than you regard as... Hope I was of any serve if you need more info permit me know... lates
Once a day is honourable - that's what I do too. From the fish food manufacturer's standpoint, if you feed them a couple times a daylight you'll run out of food faster and will have to run buy more, yay money!

It's possible the platy isn't in the greatest of strength and that's why it's getting picked on. If that's the case, getting another one probably wouldn't backing :\ The tank is so small that they can't really run away if they're person picked on. If you haven't already done so, add some plants or other decorations so it have a place to hide.
the reservoir is over crowded try to get a 10 gallon cistern it might get the guppies to unruffled down and not attack him
most fish foods do say like peas in a pod directions
1 time is good
There's no exact amount of times you are suppose to nurture your fish, just craft sure all the food you put contained by the tank is eat within a minute or so. Normally anywhere from 1-3 times a afternoon is good.

As far as the guppies here most likely males warfare over territory and since the container is so small there's no place for the platy to go. You really should remove the platy and basically leave contained by the two guppies.
It's cruel to keep any fish surrounded by such a small container. Those fish need at smallest a 10 gallon with a filter and oven. Of course the company says to nurture too often: They want you to use up their product. Once a time is more than enough. It's even a honourable idea to skip soon a week and they can go for a week or more minus being feed if you have to quit for a few days.

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