359 gallon aquarium?

next year within wood shop at my school, we get hold of to build what ever we want for are project, which i chose to make a 359 plywood and chalice aquarium. i was wondering. What type of fish do you suppose i should put in the intensely large size aquarium? the aquarium is 96" x 36" x 24". It'll be a white sand substrate.

I get this link from: www.garf.org
Answers: are you sure you want to try this? i would not try it unless you are extremely confident contained by your abilities. that cup must withstand enormous pressure. like peas in a pod goes fr the stand, which must be capable of constantly support 2 tons (possibly more). however, if you go through next to it, SwEeT! and with a nice broad tank, you own lots of options. psyche go next to a silver arowana, a motoro stingray, and 3 datnoids. however, thats one of a huge amount of options! apposite luck and have fun!
thats a perfect link, a moment ago use it, ur project will look GREAT, good luck : )

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