A 5-6 gallon reservoir.?

I plan to begin fish keeping as a hobby... I want to start out small- near a 5-6 gallon tank. I'm orientated toward guppies.. would my tank be plenty room for 3 guppies? I don't want them to get lonely!

I kinda want a few more than 3 fish...but i'm not sure what else is compatible beside them...and I also dont want them to be crammed...everyone needs their space lol.

any suggestions would be great!
appreciation guys!
Answers: Start out with a 10 gallon reservoir. Easier to maintain and here is more of a variety of fish you could hold on to in it. Mollies, swordtails, platies, and guppies adjectives do well together
A 5 gallon container will be sufficient so long as you do a 20% wet change weekly.

Just clear sure you get any all males, or adjectives females - guppies reproduce monthly and if you have a mixture, you'll hold about 30 guppies surrounded by no time at all. =)
You could go and get four to five guppies, they will breed. For a while the population will get pretty fruitless, but it will level out eventually. the females will put away some of the fry. I would get two males and four females, the prettiest are cobra guppies, you can capture those at wal mart.

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