Air pump contained by fish tank?

What is the purpose to having an nouns pump in a fish cistern? If i have a 10 gallon reservoir with terta.should I return with one?
Answers: Definetly. Most fish can't breathe from the air (only a few can, such as betta's) so they entail oxygen put into their tank. The nouns pump (also need airstone attached) doesnt directly put it surrounded by, it creates disturbance at the top of the water, letting toxic gas excape, and good gas such as oxygen enter the water. YOU DEFINETLY NEED ONE! AS WELL AS A FILTER!

By the instrument, most tetra's should be in groups of 6 or more, so you should acquire 5 more tetras and put them in, as in good health as a filter/aereater. Also remember a heater, or some channel to keep the dampen from 75-82 degrees fahrenheit.
- Bringing oxygen into the container.

- If you want to, go right ahead. It won't hurt the cistern any.

Just as a side note, when i use aeration unit I find that algae is much happier to grow in my tank.
YES! If you want them to live! And when you change out the river, never just pour some contained by it, because it has chlorine surrounded by it, plus it needs to thaw up to the same as what's surrounded by the tank. call for to get yourself a book or progress to the library. A pump adds nouns to the water, and help clean it.

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