African dwarf frog cross-examine?

Hi,i'm getting 1-3 african dwarf frogs this weekend and i have some question.i have a 2.5 gallon mini bow next to a betta in it already.he doesnt appear agressive at all.anyway,can i put frogs beside him?i also have a sponge filter for the container.if you dont think my betta will be okay beside the frogs,which tank would you reccomend for them?i would really close to something with a filter so that the river will stay balanced but i can live lacking one.what size should i get?links are awfully much appreciated.not too big,just big adequate for 1-3 frogs.if the betta's okay with the frogs consequently i think i may capture 1 or 2.what goes everyone believe?
Answers: I would be careful in the region of putting the frogs in near the Betta. I think you stand a kismet of the frogs nipping at the Betta's fins, and that won't be a worthy thing. Even moreso because it is a small small container for all of them to try to "share" and the Betta will hold no place to go and obscure should they start picking on him.

Now, this is the type of question where on earth people will hold differing opinion. Someone else might say "they'll be fine together". It's merely the way it works. But a short time ago like everything else contained by the fish world, some things work for some people, and not for others. All fish (and frogs) are different. Just because one frog/betta combination didn't work, doesn't suggest another one won't. That's why it is important for YOU to do the research on this. Find out as much info as you can so you can fashion an informed decision. (In my opinion).

Also, I sponge you to please do NOT trust what the pet shop people speak about you. Reason being is that profoundly of the time they really know NOTHING about the fish/frogs or anything, they just want to supply the fish (or frogs) that's all.

Again, I will influence that I don't think it's a well-mannered idea.
Please research since trying it.

Good luck! ;o)
Your betta will be just fine beside frogs and your tank should be adequate for those little frogs. With your filter, be sure to keep up your 20% weekly hose changes.

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