About how several fish should i put within a 10 gallon cistern.?

right now i am thinking in the order of getting 5 guppies, 2 female bettas, 4 platies, and 2 sword tail. i checked and they are all green on the compabality chart from petco.com

i.e. 13 fish. i will be getting fake plants and hiding places contained by the tank also

thank you to every one who contributes
Answers: You may be starting beside 13, but three of your species, to quote an answer I just read "breed close to rodents". So you'll end up near dozens.

You're already pushing your limit of late with the 13 fish - it might be possible to hold on to them all, provided you enjoy them in a well-filtered, cycled cistern, don't overfeed, and clean and do 25% marine changes twice a week.

I would suggest that you mark out your choices for now, and cycle your container before accumulation any of these. If you're not familiar near the idea of cycling, I'll make the addition of a link for you at the extremity. I'd get adjectives male guppies (they're the more colorful ones anyway), and mannish platies. Add a third female betta, since they will be somewhat aggressive, but not to the point of males. Having a third will spread out the aggression a moment or two better. And skip the swordtails. Although they might be okay with the others surrounded by a less crowded cistern, males will tend to be a bit more territorial than the others, and if you get females, there's other a chance they'll already be pregnant.
Nix the womanly bettas, and three of the other fish, and you won't be overstocked. They may be compatible (the females bettas not, I'll get to that), but you own to stock the tank properly. With fish that small, you can use the inch per gallon rule.

In genuineness, female bettas once in a blue moon get along. They lone get along contained by a properly set up 'sorority' tank, within groups of six minimum. Why do you ask? They are still aggressive! Don't believe what people report you about them getting along close to best pals. With two, the more dominant of the two will possible become very aggressive towards the weaker one. I am posting a association below on setting up a sorority tank, and more reason you should not put two females together!
That's too many fish. Aim for 10" of fish as a guideline. A small container can't be overcrowded or it's really too hard to declare any kind of sea quality. Swordtails and betta's will grow to be 3" long so your best bet is to stick beside some guppies and maybe a couple platies.

Don't forget you requirement to get the reservoir up and cycled before you start putting surrounded by a lot of fish.
im sorry, but thats far too lots fish. also, as a side note, petco is totally wrong in the order of anything associated with fish caution usually, and they have extremely poor level stock. i suggest buying from a local fish store. id cut into off everything but the 5 guppies if I be you. stocking lightly manner healthy fish. also, remember to cycle your container!

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