I enjoy my bright betta floating within his reservoir...?

He's in the sack from the pet shop floating to get the warmth of his water one and the same as the tank. Then what? Should I web him and add him to the reservoir or should I just dump him and the sea from the pet shop in? There are no other fish surrounded by the tank.
Answers: As others own said, don't put the water from the pet store contained by to the tank sea, it's just not a upright idea because if near is any disease in it, it is in a minute in your container. Whether there are any other fish contained by it or not. Your fish may not have doesn`t matter what is in that backpack, but if you leave him "stew" within it, he could catch it. If that make sense. And the suggestion about slowly accumulation water from your reservoir in to the pack is a great suggestion to always follow. Even if you put your fish surrounded by to a container while you do it (so you don't have to hang up on the the bag the in one piece time). Again, it's always apt advice to follow. This process you won't shock your fish with different hose down conditions, you can adjust it slowly.

Good luck with your tentative fish! ;o)
After he floats for 10 minutes, slowly pour a cup of your water from the aquarium into the pouch. This will allow him to adjust to your water conditions. After 5 more minutes, pour another cup of your hose down in his pouch. After another 5 minutes, (20 minutes now), Pour his bag over an neglected trash can or a large pitcher and take into custody him with the lattice as he slides out then put him within his new home. You never want to pour any of the hose from the bag into your container. Good luck with your unknown friend

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