Cherry red shrimp?

Do cherry red shrimps need aeration? I know its a stupid interrogate but I dont know anything about the unbroken air/fishkeeping thing. I hold a betta and a small snail in a 2.5 gal. cistern and want something that can help get by the algae.
Answers: In tanks that size the algae bureaucrat is you.

There is not enough room to incorporate maintenance fish.
Yes, they do entail aeration. But your little 2.5 gallon is already overstocked. Snails are very messy critters (they don't verbs, instead they produce more waste), and need 2.5 gallons of hose down to themselves. So with a betta, you are overstocked. If you want to draw from cherry red shrimp, it would be a good view to get another container. They are very sensitive to ammonia and nitrite, so you'd own to cycle the tank too.

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