What are some cool wierd looking fish?

whats ur fav fish or just a wierd lookin fish. it can be saltwater or freshwater
Answers: Elephant proboscis
I always like the puffer fish!
Long nosed Gar.
i hold these goldfish and they called pearlscale they look really unexpected but they cool.
Glo-Fish. Genetically modified zebra danios who are colors like ginger, neon pink, and bright green.
male beta/ Siamese war fish. they've got these awesome fins that are really long and flowy close to cloth. plus they don't need greatly of space so they're easy to support for
Saltwater - Yellow tang, Puffers, Dominoes, Lion Fish

Freshwater - Green Terror, Parrot fish (I just love their puffy face!), and African Ciclids because of the variety of colors
Royal whiptail catfish. When i saw it i be amazed at how different it was.
balloon mollies, yes they are ethereal but when the are pregnant they get really margarine and cute and funny to watch
Go look up the axolotl; it's not a fish but it looks grotesque.
arowana, knightfish, dragonfish, pufferfish, garfish, leaf fish

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