2 Pregnant guppies...?

okay, so I have 2 pregnant guppies.they're surrounded by the same container with resembling 7 other fish (it's a 20 gallon tank[including one male guppy]) soooo what should I do when the babies are born? Or should I seperate the feminine guppies into a different location? HELP!!
Answers: If you want to save the fry next you can put the females into breeding nets and try tor angle them. No matter what you do they won't adjectives survive and it's a lot of work to hold on to them clean and properly feed. You can just set off the females in the reservoir and make sure you hold lots of plants and rocks for the fry to hide within and go near survival of the fittest. You don't say what other fish are contained by the tank. If they are ample fish it will be a long time before it will be not detrimental to reintroduce the fry but if they stay in the container sometimes the other fish get used to them and fail to acknowledge them.
I'd leave the females within the community tank and tolerate them give birth in attendance. This is because it reduces stress on the feminine and therefore, reduce the risk of her aborting the pregnancy.

If you really want to lift up the fry, 1, make sure you hold somewhere for them to go once they're big plenty and 2, catch as heaps fry in the network as quick as you can since the other fish get them. Otherwise, provide plenty of hiding places and lately leave them adjectives in the community and agree to nature embezzle its cause - the strongest and quickest babies to convert will survive, the weaker ones won't.

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