Adding plants to my aquarium near epoxy gravel?

I have a 29 gal aquarium. I would similar to to purchase a co2 injector and add some plants. My key purpose is to lower my pH (currently it is 8.4 with a Kh of 300+!) and to append interest to my aquarium. Currently I have 2 neon blue Gourami's, 6 bloodfin tetra, 1 spotted catfish and one striped rafael catfish. I want to lower the ph so I can own angelfish as well. Yes, I know the tetra may obtain eaten, but I want to impart them plenty of hiding places before tally the angel fish. Currently I have epoxy coated rock at the bottom of my container. I have read this is not a suitable substrate for aquarium plants. So how do I cash the substrate on the aquarium without stressing the fish I own? Can I level over the rock?
Answers: The best way to exchange you substrate is as follows:
cart a cup or buy yourself a cat scooper and just measure out the old substrate
Start doing roughly speaking half of it
after wash your not long aquired gravel (or whatever you will use) next to warm marine in a strainer
whip a cup and fill your gravel within there
after just submerge the cup slowly into your tankwater and deserted it out on the bottom
easy and simple, no hassle
lots of work, but your fish will be fine and not stressed
i would do the wife 2 days later though

but you could also put a moment ago another layer over the antiquated one

hope that helps
devout luck


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I think you would be capable of remove and replace your epoxy gravel with no problems. I doubt it would be any more traumatic than a mundane gravel siphoning. I wouldn't layer over your current gravel. Your plants would still completion up rooting in the epoxy stuff. The behind the times gravel would get mixed within with the different substrate when you clean. Also, have too much gravel will trap extra debris and could evacuate you with some hose quality issues.

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