Will 4 mannish gouramis attain along okay contained by a 25 gallon container?

I have learn that they quite territorial so I am somewhat bit worried that they will start world war II surrounded by a couple of days, I also heard that at pet shops they solely sell males because they hold brighter colours, that is really irresponsible, very soon I have this problem and I don't know what to do.
Answers: theyll scrap every day , daytime in time out.
and just so you know world period of war ll was won and over and can not be started again.
Sounds approaching sunset dwarf gouramis. Did you check their dorsal fins? Because the male and females can look similar within size and color and pet stores get manly and female gouramis! I hold worked in pet store for frequent years and have studious from people surrounded by the tropical fish industry. It is the betta fish that is other male.

But anyway surrounded by a 25 gallon tank, near enough hiding places, the fish will most credible have adequate space.
I would not recommend it, unless you have a manly and female. Most gouramies and bettas enjoy the tendency to even attack the contrasting sex.

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