About methyline/methylene blue?

my siamese fighting fish showed several white spots on it's body. Now i've put roughly `1 and a half teaspoon of the said solution surrounded by my 15 gallon tank. How long should i put them nearby? or should i take them out after sometime? Thank you within advance!
Answers: Any aquarium medication should come next to clear instructions, do not use anything with like peas in a pod chemical name i.e. not expressly meant for aquarium use. Methylene blue may stain silicon, decor & considered not dutiful for live plants. May affect snails & shrimps. After the stated period of treatment (could be a few hours to overnight), do a hose change of going on for 30%. Repeat the whole process if basic, but don't keep using any medication for a continuous prolonged length. The water must be kept aerated as medication can drastically affect oxygen levels and remove any carbon/zeolite or similar bits and pieces or else they will lately absorb the medication. Usually best to remove the artificial fish & treat separately, unless you suspect the disease is widespread & affecting the leading tank.
Doesn't it enjoy directions on the pkg? The product I use has you tag on a number of drops per gallon and you repeat that for 5 days. You hold to remove the carbon from your filter or it just sucks adjectives the medication back out of the river.

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