Mollies and frogs..?

I was merely wondering if those frogs that you can get from Petco would be ok anyone with mollies? If not afterwards I would just grasp mollies. Also, if I wanted to breed mollies would i inevitability to get a bunch of females and 1 masculine or can i just take one female and one manly. Also, are balloon mollies just females or can I achieve a bunch and have them breed near each other.
Answers: Well You can return with an African Dwar Frog, they are usually compatible with restful fish. And Mollies are pretty easy to breed. You should go and get even if you dont haev a male they can enjoy babies becasue they can hold sperm for about 6months. But you can seize a male if you want sure genes. Balloon mollies are a breed of mollies, but any breed of mollies can breed. But the frog and the other molleis may eat the strange babies, so make surer you enjoy a lto of plants for them to hide surrounded by, or you may have 2 take in for questioning them and pout them in another reservoir until they grow up. Good luck!
the frogs and mollies should be fine together, but make sure they are not clawed frogs (i enjoy heard of them selling them as African dwarf frogs by accident).

Its a pious idea to catch one male to every 2 or 3 females to insure the manly doesn't pick on any one female to much.
African dwarf frogs and mollies would be lately fine together. African clawed frogs, on the other hand, not so much so.

It's other best to have more females than males. Too oodles males will harass females to loss. However, if you just procure one of each it would be okay.

Balloon mollies are a hybrid of the sailfin molly. All different kind of mollies will breed with respectively other but you will end up next to some strange fish. I would personally stay away from breeding balloon mollies beside other varieties because the fry can cease up kinda weird shaped. Some will call for to be culled because of swimming problems.
well i own had 3 african dwarf frogs from petco and they die really like greased lightning. I had bought a grey frog from a local fish store and it have been alive for 3 months surrounded by my community tank. I own mollies in one and the same tank, i hold 3 females and 1 male, they enunciate for every 3 females= 1 male to put smaller quantity stress on the females.

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