I be thinking almost discus? any tips/ equipment?

What discus fish would you reccomend, are there any aggresive requirement best andwers as possible, thanks
Answers: Discus are typically shy, relaxing and fearful. They are not aggressive fish.

In my opinion, the most stunning discus are the wild caught discus - the blue strain. But think twice with mad caught fish, they tend to be extra fearful and take a long time to adjust.

Discus have need of a huge tank because they are impressively sensitive. They need REALLY pristine wet. My friend has 2 discus within a 30 gallon tank (which is considered mode too small for discus), and he has double filtration and does 2-3 50% hose changes a week.

Keep this surrounded by mind when deciding to draw from discus. They are high looking after and expensive.
I wouldn't even go effective Discus, unless you are a "proffessional" fish keeper near many, abundant years experience!
If they're your first fish, they're going to be a dead fish. And an expensive one at that.

They're refined & have more specific requirements than most other adjectives fish. Their water parameter kill most variety of aquatic plants.

As a nonspecific rule, they will require more maintenance than most other fish, and better equipment. They tend to approaching cleaner, hotter, and more acidic / buffered marine than most other fish. If you're on the fringe of being competent to afford the proper equipment or lazy next to testing wet quality, its best to select a more hardy species of fish.

They're an great fish species for the purchaser to pick up a few books & read before diving into buying one, throwing it into a cistern and seeing if it lives.

I like the look of the blood pidgeon group.

They're not very aggressive, but they're not total pushovers.
Cant read aloud no more than Kate H.discis are beautiful fish.

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