Betta fish?

how big should i get the bowl for 1 betta fish?
Answers: Why catch a bowl? They don't have outstandingly much surface area for the betta to get hold of his/her oxygen from.

Instead, get a 5+ gallon reservoir for him/her to move around. Don't forget the filter and heater as in good health! Most starter kits come near a filter, but you'll need to buy the space heater separately. You could get away near a 2.5 gallon tank, but would you want to be housed within a single-roomed apartment, or a 5-room suite? The bigger that tank, the better!

For a betta, you can carry very small bowls but I rcomend atleast getting a partially gallon tank/bowl. They do better living in a bigger bowl than surrounded by a orange size one. Try 2.5 gallons if you can, craft your betta happy. I own 2 betta by the way and they are living within there own seperate 1/2 gal tank. They are great!

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