Overall assistance beside my aquarium and fish?

I have a 10 gallon. Aquarium have 4 fake plants, small black gravel, and 3 cave. Heater is at 78 and there is a 70 gallon per hour filter. I own 2 african cichlids and 3 cory cats in my ten gallon. Africans are singular about 1/2 and inch long as I own raised them since fry. Cory cats are 1 inch long. I know within the future I will be far overstocked. I will be capable of buy a larger fish tank surrounded by the future. So my question are, 1 cichlid is very dominate over the other fish and is territorial. With the size of the fish and the aquarium size, I be not anticipating this so early surrounded by my cichlids life. How do I engineer this cichlid less aggressive?? Any hoary tricks or anything? I know cichlids are territorial by nature. Also, can I nurture all my fish sinking African cichlid pellet. I figure these would be ok for my cory cats too as they are bottom feeders. Also, If I put a betta or a type of efficient swimming fish in my aquarium would that assist even out the aggression of my cichlid. Thank you very much!!
Answers: i would counsel against putting anymore fish into your tank especially a silver dollar, they are schooling fish and do all right in groups of 4 or more, they also require lots of room to move roughly in (which you dont really have) and they panicky fish.

Unfortunately there is no physical way to lessen the aggression of cichlids as you know they are exceedingly territorial fish and can be aggressive, your cichlids are starting to mature and this is why they are starting to go and get aggressive.

You could take them out and move the cistern decor about, when you put them put a bet on in they wont be as aggressive but this will be short lived once they settle within again.
Its alot of hassle and stress to them and the other fish.

Just get your exotic tank a.s.a.p and put lots of cave and rocks in so they hold their own territory and the other fish own other places to swim rather than person kept on the boundary of the cichlids territory and man subject to attacks.
You may want to look into a divider for your tank. They come surrounded by clear plastic and are easy to install. That approach you can seperate your agressive cichlid yet still hand down him in one and the same tank. Most dividers for 10 gallon tank are under $10.00

You could also try totalling a larger fish to the mix to put your cichlid in it's place. Not too hulking, maybe an inch or so. Don't incorporate a betta, it will just conclude up bait for your cichlid. Those fins will get snipped sour in a hurry. Try something close to a sliver dollar or freshwater puffer. Here is a link near some more ideas for a semi agressive codicil

As far as feeding, the pellet should be fine. Just make sure to tender a varied diet, not purely pellets. Mix it up next to some bloodworms, brine shrimp, and flakes. Feeding the same food every daylight can lead to robustness problems in your fish.

honest luck
yes there is a trick truly,

take out your cichlid next to the tank hose down in 2 different buckets lately before you turn bad the light

Rearange adjectives the decor in your container completley, leave nil untouched

Put the one that is smaller amount agressive in first an after the other

Hope that helps
Good luck

Cichlids tend to establish a clear dominant individual pretty early within life. I would recommend removing the corydoras as they will eventually be kill. You can replace them with some sort of Syndontis specie (upside down catfish, lace cat, etc.) as they are from alike regions and environments in Africa. My counsel for the aggressive behavior is
A. add some rocks next to holes (to add optional areas in which to hide)
B. Larger container (30 gallon or larger to grant tag on. room)
C. Feed Ghost shrimps (to wear out and occupy the aggressive ind.)
Hopefully they will calm down though Africans are renowned for their aggressive behavior (compared to South American Cichlids). The Cories will not know how to last after your fish make 3-4 inches and they grow fairly fast. The Syndontis of Africa are just slightly larger and deficiency any plates, but they don't seem bothered by them at adjectives. They are just unobserved completely.
Try adding 3 zebra danioes they are small and in haste and can be used as a chase or dart fish if you have room and two cave or more rocks or small flower pots broke in partly for them i know you tank is small but they approaching having territory of there own. you could try rearrange the tank sometimes it change things around and they need to be paid a new (house) so to speak hope this is of assistance

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