55 gallon stocking question?

I have a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium that have 1 adult platty, 1 little one platty, 1 balloon molly, 5 neon tetra's and a royal pleco. I was planning on moving the molly, platties and neons into a 10 gallon container and slowing raise the PH of the 55 gallon container (still with the pleco surrounded by it) so I could keep african cichlids within it. Recently I found out that mollies need a minimum of a 30 gallon reservoir. I can't afford to buy another tank so here we come to my question:

1. Is there a type of fish that could live near all the fish I already enjoy but is larger, around 6 inches and colorful?

2. Would it be possible to keep the platties, molly, and neons contained by a 10 gallon tank?

3. The guy at the petstore said that it would be okay to hold the pleco and african cichlids together, is that true?

Thanks in finance!

Answers: I can't imagine mollies need a minimum 30 gallons! The standard rule of thumb is one inch of fish per gallon of water. Mollies are pretty small, like 1-3" at most! You'd inevitability an entire school for 30 gallons! I've kept mollies beside platties, guppies, neons, danios, and other community tank fish near no problems.

I currently have a 35 gallon reservoir with a pubescent 7" Oscar, a 7" Pleco, and 2 African cichlids and they all grasp along super. Some plecos can grow enormous! I've see some over 24" long! Those I would only house next to larger fish.

FYI, I have read, but not experienced individually, that some plecos eat some fish, especially smaller ones, at dark, so depending on the size of your pleco, you might want to reconsider his reservoir mates or at tiniest wait until the babe-in-arms is full grown.
1 - Yes Discus and Angelfish (up to 6 total)

2 - Yes that is fine for a few of them they tend to skim the surface more than explore

3 - Yes Plecos grasp very big ( I own one that is 12" long living next to 2 Oscars, and YES he does attack the Oscars but they usually leave hime alone and he doesnt really hurt them (he have 1 or 2 times scared my mannish oscar and I have needed to treat beside antibiotics))

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