African Cichlids contained by a 29 gallon reservoir...?

I've heard that overstocking African cichlids can trim down aggression, so what is your suggestion for stocking a 29 gallon tank?

I know I'm going to attain a lot of relations saying 29 gallons is too small, but surrounded by a few months I'm going to be moving and acquiring a larger reservoir (55 or 75 gal). Right now I hold a few fish in the cistern already and none of them are larger than 2.5 inches. I have 1 electric blue masculine, 1 bumblebee female, 1 red zebra masculine, and 1 red empress.

Answers: Like Jack said, you really are not in a position to include more at this time and be safe. One register I found in your fish, you mentioned electric blue, but which type. There are a Malawi type which don't capture quite as big, and consequently the Hap type which do. Your Red Empress, nice looking fish, but is of the Haplachormis type, and those are really going to get colossal. The problem is growing space here.

Your red Zebra as well is more or less a good 4-5 inch developed fish and quite disagreeable at that. I've got a couple of them and have little interest to catch more because of their temperment. Yes overstocking does help, but where on earth it helps the best is surrounded by a community of same type fish, and here you have a mix of Mbuna and Haps. The overstocking help when you have more consequently one male, and aggression cannot be targeted onto one single fish this channel. It's not something I recommend for people starting out next to fish. I'd move up to a 55 gallon set up as soon as possible before considering what else to supply. You're also going to need superfluous filtration to cope with the bio nouns if you over stock.
Don't add any more until you receive a bigger tank,it is across the world a good opinion with African cichlids to stock few types within greater numbers than to put many different types of single fish(example contained by a 29 gallon I would have put 1 group of electric yellows beside 1 male to 3 females instead of 4 different kind.)

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