A interrogate almost live plants surrounded by aquariums?

i have 1 1\3 inches of conventional gravel in my aquarium , and i bot 3 live plants that come with a sort of pot but near holes , and the pot is about 3 1\2 inches , and i doesn't look really attractive , i am thinking of taking it out , but worried about the cotton inside the pot , what should i do and is it right to lug the pot out?
Answers: You should remove the pot & carefully verbs off the cotton. For those that come with organize weights, remove it. But if you have an undergravel filter or enthusiastic digging fish (eg. large cichlids), you may stipulation to place plants in pots.
Remove any dead/dying or dilapidated leaves and trim the roots a bit. For those in a bunch, plant respectively one separately a short distance apart; otherwise the bottom leaves will not get any insubstantial & will die off.
Note that different species hold different planting techniques, otherwise your plants will purely start to rot & die. Vallisneria will need to hold the crown (bottom white part) visible. Echinodorus' crown have to be covered. Java fern & anubias' rhizome cannot be planted into the substrate, best to attach to driftwood or porous rock using fishing line (also can use cotton thread but it'll rot later).
About your gravel, for best results better to own a thin echelon of nutrient rich substrate like aquarium planting soil or iron-rich laterite below the top gravel section. If not, push fertiliser sticks/balls into the gravel near the plants.
You should in fact take out the plant and plant it. Just purloin the cotton off--- it should come off effortlessly. Then just plant it.

I recommend some Flourish Excel so that your plant will grow (you can buy it at your pet store for nearly five dollars.)
remove the pot from the plant, but make sure the root of the plant is cover up beside gravel. You can also get plant food from the pet store call CO2. Then just spawn sure they get enought sun street lamp.

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