About to stir for my first time betta breeding?

OK, so I got a betta mannish on Thursday. This morning, he made a bubble nest and I started thinking that maybe I should try breeding once. But my go before is spinning and I dunno where to start:
My betta mannish is pretty small and not very colorful, so he's probably pretty infantile (right?). And he made his nest pretty quickly, which way he's probably being feed well and surrounded by good river condition (right?). Also, he's in a bowl, not a cistern, and I also need a reservoir size.
On the 26th (because stores are closed tomorrow) I'm most likely going to buy a feminine for him. I'll put them in like peas in a pod bowl (is that safe? Or should I buy a cistern and put them together and put some toys in for her to hide away?). After they've chased each other, gotten her eggs fertilized, etc. I'll transport her out and put her in a separate bowl. Here's where on earth it gets tough: I don't want THAT abundant betta babies. I'm going to have to transport some of the eggs out. How many is not dangerous if I don't have too heaps people to pass them too? More in a sec.
Answers: I'm sorry, but after reading your post, I do not discern you are ready contained by any way to begin this process, and you don't have the aspect fish that you should have to even dream up of breeding. Anyone who encourages this near the fish you describe and all the unreciprocated questions you hold should not be doing so, ESPECIALLY if they say they are betta breeders too. I'm going to grant you a couple of really good websites to check out that can back you with this. IF you want to do this, you had better own a LOT of MONEY and a lot of time as it is time AND money consuming. It is NOT unforced to do and it's not just put in the 2 fish together. They have to be "conditioned" and next to research you would know this. It takes roughly 2 weeks to condition a male and feminine for breeding. If you throw them in together they will most imagined kill respectively other.

Just because your fish is building a bubble nest does not mean he have to breed. He is just "practicing" as they adjectives do. Mine has a bubble nest constantly and I've have him about 2 years. I own 4 of them and have never bred because you have need of HIGH QUALITY fish, and a LOT of knowledge roughly spawning them.

What you are talking give or take a few doing I feel is wrong (by taking eggs beforehand they even get a kismet to hatch). IF you are going to undertake this, you stipulation to do it the RIGHT way and adjectives the way, not partially the way. You do not appear committed to it as you have proven that by making the statements you own about "not have many" and your other questions. AND, if you cannot find rid of them, you had better enjoy a lot of tank as they cannot stay together for long! THIS is why you need to research this WAY more. If you be to do it, you really need to capture people interested within taking them BEFORE you breed or you are going to get stuck near all these fish that inevitability SEPARATE housing (and I don't mean plastic cups!).

I would abominate for you to make a mistake because you come up with you've researched a lot, but from what I'm reading, you haven't gotten even 1/4 of it. People that breed Betta's own extensive knowledge and hold done extensive research to get the feature fish they get. You CANNOT hang on to them in like tank after a touch while or they will kill respectively other also.

I'm not trying to be mean, I'm really not, please know that. I love Betta's, as I love adjectives my fish, and I would hate to see you do something you are going to regret. Please please please check out these websites BEFORE you do anything, I BEG you.


Try breeding livebearers first similar to Platys and Mollies!! They are easy and fun!

Happy Holidays and Good luck!! ;o)

PS: In my experience, chainstores will not buy OR give somebody a lift fish off people's hand as it is too much of a risk for them, and especially even moreso if they aren't beautiful and new. PLUS, if you are only breeding "store bought run of the mill" Betta's that you remunerated $3.99 for, no one will want them anyway. When relatives breed bettas they breed EXPENSIVE bettas that are show quality, or ones that are put together nice plenty and pretty enough to breed. You're motto your male is small and not existing colorful, why would you even WANT to breed him? The bettas you find in the pet stores are NOT usually breeding aspect. You want to breed BEAUTIFUL, BRIGHTLY COLORED fish with awesome finnage. Not for a moment dull colored fish. And again, a bubble nest does not mean he have to or wants to breed, it vehicle he's following his instinct, that's all. Take it as a sign you are taking moral care of him!
Seems approaching you've already done plenty of research.
After the fish are "done" the boy fish will take the eggs to the bubble nest. The feminine needs to be within another tank after they are "done", or they will hurt respectively other. The male does adjectives the work by watching over the fry.
Here is a link:
Yep,or he could'delirious type'yes he sounds happy&is showing sighns of wanting to breed.Any tank will do,in reality there are mixed methods&the American is the tank means of access,they are spawned well contained by bowls(a bit big)They do best(if in reservoir,lower the water)6inchs(yep,true)water&you will need boiler if you live overseas.Do not put them together untill you prepare/condition them(feeding,seperation ect)this is best done for two weeks before trying to spawn,(best if they do not see respectively other this period(or through partition)
It is actually suggested by most show breeders to sacrafice(throw)1/2the spawn(i can't)this ensure the best chances/health&growth for the remaining fry.But to be truelly honest it is unlikely that you would have all(even1/2)survive to youthful fish(this bears no care on breeder)just the different growth stages of fry)Many fry are lost@wk3(when labarynth forms/complete)as just one cool breath of nouns F-CKs this process(tank water temp&room nouns temp must be the same)this is imperative.
If she is a virgin fish,first few may be small(only get bigger)they can enjoy just 50-300,where on earth as when older/bigger 350-1000.But you cant just remove eggs(this may stree manly so much so,it will not breed again/or worse will only destroy females)
You can always market to or get instore credit(food/supplies for fish&fish too)for surplus fighters(but you will hold to raise4-6mnth till sexable&salable in size.
In your casing,dont breed them(why if you dont want to do all the work?)+it's cruel to form them spawn just for some twisted exercise.
Geez there's so much to report to,IF YOU WERE REALLY SERIUSE but not enough time&space.
Hope it help,plse contact me if i can be any help around the breeding/raising bettas&fry+fry foods/cultures(feeding/making)
Good luck with your current guys..Choice hobby man!!
Hmm, okay, it looks like you've done relatively a bit of research.

Breeding tanks should typically be more or less 10 gallons. They don't need 10 gallons of wet, but in a breeding container the water should be shallow, in the region of 6 inches deep lone. So, since the water is shallow, the footprint of the container needs to be rather big so that the male betta, and next the fry, are still in a clad amount of water.

Don't put the masculine and female together on the other hand. You need to save them separately for at least two weeks, while you condition them. Conditioning is deeply getting the female and manly used enough to respectively other that they don't start killing respectively other on sight. It is a opening to achieve short-term peace between them - it's only transient, but it is usually long enough for the spawn to purloin place. You can read more about that, and breeding, here:


About the fry: you will enjoy a lot of them. Think in the region of a hundred. You will need to separate the males as capably. Some pet stores will take betta fry, but ONLY after they hold actually grown to a impartially large size, not when they are within the fry stage.
First off,buy a suitable book on Bettas and their spawning requirements. If you had freshly bought a female and thrown her within with a mannish,he surely would have kill her. A female must be within spawning condition,preferably with her spawning tube displayed. If the womanly is not in spawning condition,he will try to drive her away,and since there's no place to turn in a small hutch he winds up bloodbath the female.
No-one will set here and type a book for you,so in recent times buy one,you have an awful lot to swot before attempting a spawn.
Oddly satisfactory, the first thing that you have need of to know is how to feed the fry. They are so small that their first food must be microscopic. You first work is to learn how to culture infusoria,and how to maintain infusoria cultures alive. This involves starting back-up cultures to assure a steady supply of first food. This food is only required for the first couple of days (3 or 4) after the fry digest their yolk sac. But if you can't supply this food in a timely deportment,your fry will be sickly and of poor quality.
Next you must swot how to maintain and condition your breeders. This involves research how to maintain excellent dampen conditions,and for the best results,culturing live foods for the adult fish. This will provide the quickest route to resourcefully conditioned breeders.
You really have little choice contained by how many fry will be hatch,messing with the fish while they are spawning will probably result contained by injuries.
So for now spend your money on books more or less spawning egglayers,and raising their fry,and culturing live foods. If, similar to most beginners in Betta culture,you originate with the bubblenest,you will first lose a couple of females (by introducing them at the wrong times),consequently lose a couple of batches of fry (because you won't be set to feed them ),consequently either finally succeed or dispense up. This will result in a few hundred unresponsive fish,unnecessarily and a lot of heart break for the start Betta breeder. Buy the book tomorrow,and let the feminine live for a while. OK? Good luck and have fun next to your fish.

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