55 gallon aquarium comfort needed! 2 points simply for answering! 10 if its the best!?

Would this stocking be ok? Heres what I'm thinking:

1 or 3+ angels
-first question: how heaps?
5 mollies
5 platty's
7 rasbora's (if they get eat it would be sad, but...)
1 pleco

is that not a obedient combination? are the livebearers not fit? I already have an full-grown molly, adult platty, 1 platty fry, and 1 royal pleco, and I'm trying to fit around them, I really love angels. If really needed I enjoy an extra 10 gallon tank beside neon tetra's, but I would love for it to be possible for this to work.
Answers: it's pointless to offer two points coz everybody know they're gonna get the two points. why do you estimate there're a lot of responses similar to "i dont know" "ask the vet" ".....i think" you're gonna have to filter through profoundly of useless responses and smart-aleck answers...
personally i dream up you a good belief as far as mix is concerned. the angelfish get to be comparatively large and despite their christen, they still are cichlids and though they may be gentle when small, once they're full grown they'll hold over the tank.
i notice that everytime somebody says pleco, automatically you'll hear "TOO BIG". they never even bother to check what variety of pleco you have. the royal pleco-panaque nigrolineatus- grows to going on for 10 inches, he should be okay in your 55 gallon wrench. get some of the bigger rasboras or tetras and you should be set... departure shot, there are race who are all too of a mind to offer suggestion and other inputs. you dont have to try to buy them.. merry christmas

haha, guess i touchy someone with the pleco remark.
so much name-calling on christmas daylight.. i think i'll purely go and look at my tank.

sherry, the first time you asked what fish to put, i'd never answer that because thats a personal choice,,, this time you offered a list of fish and asked if they would receive along. everybody has their own judgment, that's why you had so frequent responses, each next to their own points to consider. i would not consider any one to be the only correct answer because seriously of them have their merits. surrounded by the end, its up tp you to prefer what you want to have within YOUR tank.. this is for your own contentment..good luck near your fish.
Angels are nice fish but very sensitive, they close to to not be messed with by other fish, save the other types you mix with them as obedient community type species and all should be fine.

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