10 gallon cistern...what fish to put within my container?

ok so i just get my 10 gallon aqaurium set it came beside food ,gravel ,lighting ,de'cor ,plants ,conditioner, filter,heater and i deduce that is it. but i want fish but not sure what to get hold of i was thinking roughly the sharks that are in petsmart but not sure i enjoy no clue what to get also i obligation the information about the fish..........a moment ago if you are wondering i am not getting goldfish or bettas
Answers: Smaller community fish are probably best for a tank that size,smaller tetras approaching neon's or glowlites,guppies,cory catfish,African dwarf frogs,endler's live bearers are a few option but there are lots of others to.You should shift and look at the fish store and see what you like consequently do some research on whether or not they are suitable for your tank.I believe most sharks bring back to big for 10 gallons and some may be aggressive so I would avoid them.

If this is your first tank afterwards this link explains cycling your reservoir and if you understand that it will stockpile you much trouble and dead fish. http://www.firsttankguide.net/cycle.php
I'd recommend:

A small shoal (5) of corydoras catfish (you can procure at least 6 different variety with luxury, so you can make a nice shoal and still identify the different ones)

A small shoal (6-10) of tetras/minnows/danios. Neon and lemon tetras are specifically nice contained by my opinion, but leopard and zebra danios are nice too.

Plus 3 guppies, OR 3 mollies (balloon or otherwise), OR 3 similar sized fish OR one dwarf or honey gourami OR 1 similar sized fish.

Hope this help :)!

EDIT: Saltwater idea - I looked into it myself (also enjoy a 10 gallon) and it's just not economically viable undesirably :( It's very tough to keep the parameter stable in a small container such as ours, and it's harder to get hold of the equipment needed. It's also moderately expensive in the outlay. I'd distinctly stick with the freshwater view, they're just as fun and smaller number daunting for your first community tank. Ps, what do you plan to put surrounded by the 5.5gallon? Just interested :)
first of all, i wouldn't reccomend buying fish from petsmart. whenever i do, they ending up giving my fish diseases, and then they adjectives die. if i were you, i would look for a specialtey fish store, however, if petsmart is adjectives you've got, the, theres zilch you can do about it.

the tag at petsmart have incredibley INacurate information. they voice that a koi (which can get 3-4 foot long) can live in a 20 gallon reservoir. so, the sharks won't work, as they never stop swimming, and a ten gallon simply doesn't have ample room for a red-tail, rainbow, bala etc. to live in. also, be sure that if you buy schooling fish, you buy at most minuscule 5 of them, or else they will die from stress (safety contained by numbers). in my 10 gallon, i own some snails, 6 cardinal tetras, 5 black neon tetras, and 4 kuhli loaches (and a juvie siamese algae eater who will be going into my 35 when he can fend for himself against my jewel cichlids and red tail shark), and a crap nouns of plants, which help beside the amount of nitrates in my container.

for starter fish, you should go next to 1 male, 3 womanly guppies, 4 cory catfish (schooling fish, bottom feeders), and maybe some neon tetras (5 or 6).

also, try not to listen to much to the workers at petsmart. they don't really know what they're conversation about ;).

and remember, you NEED to be doing 30% hose changes once every week. it doesn't purloin long, but it is a nesseccity :)

for more help, email me at connor.dougherty@hotmail.com , or call round www.aquariacentral.com.

good luck near the tank, and brand name sure that you fish live a happy life span.

P.S. 'sucker fish' or Plecos are not a good choice for a 10 gallon reservoir. they can get 3 foot long, and stop eating algae as they grow.

P.S.S. you can't stunt a fish's growth. you can individual kill it past it reaches full size.
psyche reccomend 5 pygmy cories and 5 cardinal tetras, and for a centrepiece fish, 1 male dwarf gourami.

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