What reservoir size do I call for for 2 adjectives goldfish?

I was guessing somewhere between 100 and 500 gallons, but I honestly own no idea. I do know they can gain up to 30 inches.
Answers: 100 gallons will be quite average Sir! In all seriousness & considering you say-so you have no view you made an excellent guess at that, I had to do a double-take to spot the extra zero on your quoted figures. Most ancestors think 10 gallons is ok.

A 100 gallon reservoir is a fabulous home for a couple of Common Goldfish-they will be extremely happy within there & you should never want to upgrade. Might I suggest you do a fishless cycle before getting the fish? details below-also included a really obedient site telling you freshly about everything call for to know about setting up your tank-the really best of luck to you & your two lucky fish.

ps-of course if you have the room/finances/dedication later of course step larger, as far as I know ther isn't a tank too massive for Goldfish!

Please feel free to email me if you own any queries around anything.
For 2 common goldfish, it doesn't hold to be that big at all. Maybe 20 inches or so. Unless you plan on getting more fish.
I suppose 100 gallons would be sufficient beside a good filter, perchance 150.

I'm so glad you didn't say 10-20 gallons. :-) There is hope for the world!
100 to 500 gallons!
Gosh I be expecting to have to do a long speech on how you can't keep hold of them in a bowl!
Well honestly I would steer clear from the adjectives goldfish unless you want to do a pond which is more costly. With a 100 gallon tank bring back 5 fancy goldfish like ryukins,oranda, ranchus or fantails!

Good luck and thank you for knowing almost careing for goldfish the RIGHT way.
Goldfish are member of the Carp family of fish. They are exceedingly healthy and depending on the size of your fish,and how big a tank you bestow them, they could grow to over 80 pounds,literally huge. My father donated (at my request) 6 medium sized(6 inch) goldfish to my junior highshool, ten years after departure there, the fish,which be allowed the freedom of a rectangualar pond, !6 feet x 12 foot, and 3 feet gaping. Although there be only 5 of the 6 unproved fish,they had grown to a length of over 18 inches. So, Unless you are going into the commercial fish business, a 5 to 10 gallon cistern should be more than adequate.
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