125L Aquarium?

I have a 125L aquarium. I do a 30L marine change every week is this plenty? and if so how often will I own to do a full water changeover?
Answers: 30L is about a 20% fine-tuning, doing this once a week is great. Also you NEVER want to do a full water changeover. There are lots of beneficial bacteria that live contained by the tank that you do not want to receive rid of. That bacteria eat the Nitrites and Amonia in the cistern and converts to Nitrates (Nitrogen) which is much less toxic to the fish than the preceding two chemicals.

Dont verbs you are being a virtuous fish parent doing what you are. The only time you may want to do a 50L adjust is if you have an overstock aquarium
Ryan E is right. 10 to 20% hose down change per week is the right point to do and "NEVER" do a 100% change. Unless you want to replace adjectives your fish.

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