Aggresive fish?

I have a 28 gallon marineland aquarium near 2 glassfish,1 cory cat,2 gold gouramis,3 zebra danios,2 black neon tetras, and 3 neon tetras.The zebra danios are mortal aggressive to the black neon tetras .
Answers: seperate them, duh
You have a serious stocking issue!

The danios, neons, black neons and the cories call for to be in shoals of AT LEAST 6 individuals respectively. That's 6 individuals per species, so having 2 species of tetra contained by the tank doesn't count. However, have that many fish within a 28 gallon will overstock the tank. I'd receive rid of the black neons and the danios, and replace them with member of the remaining shoals.

Which ones are the aggressors?

Quote: "The zebra danios are being aggressive to the black neon tetras"

Yep!! That info. Zebras are getting increasing reps as fin nippers. If you want to keep the fish, I'd seperate them and put them within their own tank . . . And STILL increase the shoals.

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