AC110 too colossal on 46g?

I am currently running an XP2 canister on my 46g cichlid tank. I want to run another filter beside it. Is an AC110 HOB too large?
Answers: I'm within agreement more with Monster here. I come up with the problem you are going to have here is the flow of sea going back into that cistern to be too hard for your fish. You're liable to stop up seeing the gravel in the nouns where the return comes from to be displaced down to the cup. AC's are outstanding filters. I use them on most of my tank. What I'd suggest is move down from a 110 to a 70. You're still going to have over filtration, but the return rate vertebrae to the tank will be closer to a trickle after a raging river. No you can't over filter, but the power level on a 110, as I do hold one of these, I know would be too strong for a 46 gallon tank. Use the AC 70 instead.
You can never over filter your dampen, the more the better imo. Especially since the AC HOB will produce more surface aggitation.

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