Does anyone here know a really pious book in the order of aqarium fish..both tropical and coldwater.?

im talking roughly a book..with recomendations..waht fish are not to be kept together...tempretures..feed.expla... for fish behavior..the whole lot..i have a sneaking suspicion that u ppl get the ...umm..anyone?
Answers: You may know how to find books on or at Barnes and Noble and other stores, I'm sure....but here is some online reading you can do. I have a multitude of other sites if you are interested....:

I contemplate it's great that you are interested in study. Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you own about fish and fish keeping, the better rotten you'll be.

Good luck! ;o)
It depends on how in depth you what to capture and how much you want to spend. A nice paperback and reasonably priced book I hold used is called:
"The 101 Best Tropical Fishes" by Kathleen Woods.
A little more expensive but enormously good is:
"Baensch Aquarium Atlas" by Hans Baensch
Hi Ali, For Goldfish the hugely best reference book, importantly regarded by ability breeders & seasoned hobbyists is 'Fancy Goldfish' by Johnson & Hess. This book is great-the medical advice alone [which is why I bought it] is worth the outlay self equally useful for treating & diagnosing non-fancy Goldfish.

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