About Aquasafe for fish reservoir...?

I just purchased a fish reservoir today. I know nothing in the region of how to set up a fish tank but I manage to do it anyways. I added the water and frills and after about 10 minutes of letting it filter I added Aquasafe. After a while, at the corners of the fish cistern, there something started to appear. It be clearish-whitish (I'm not really good at describing things).

I considered necessary to know if that is how the fish reservoir is supposed to be or did I do something wrong.
Answers: that's the silicon caulk that holds the tank together so it's mundane. but it could be some other stuff like gravel pieces,dust, or the aquasafe because aquasafe have bioextract or nitra something in it in a minute when added to water it foams a touch.
Did you wash the stones up to that time you added water? There is dust on the stones, not negative, but easier to get rid of formerly you add fish.

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