About Aquasafe for fish container...?

I already asked this question but I am putting it contained by more detail.

I just purchased a fish container today. I know nothing something like how to set up a fish tank but I manage to do it anyways. I added the water and bits and pieces and after about 10 minutes of letting it filter I added Aquasafe. After a while, at the corners of the fish cistern, there something started to appear. It be clearish-whitish (I'm not really good at describing things).

I wash the stones I put in the cistern before I put it contained by the tank. I wash the tank too. I don't own any gravel in the container, no fish either.

I looked-for to know if that is how the fish container is supposed to be or did I do something wrong.
Answers: Sounds like you may enjoy used a little too much Aquasafe. Now comes the not easy part it will be a few weeks beforehand your tank is cycled. Do for a moment research about this phase of aquarium culture. The best method is to do "fish-less" cycling. it take longer to actually put fish within the tank,but in attendance is no ammonia torture for your fish to suffer.
The gooey stuff is the component of the Aquasafe that protects the fishes slime coat,and if you had used the right amount it would enjoy been just noticeable. It's nought to worry nearly. Good luck on the research,and if you have more question some-one will be here to help.

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