A neophyte looking into getting an aquarium. Where? What? How much?

I'm really looking for any good websites or guidance that can guide me in this. I have an aquarium as a boy but that was a long time ago. Are the aquariums at the warehouse stores (Petsmart, etc) as polite as ones I could find online? Assuming I don't want something too big or fancy (I was thinking 10-gallon, freshwater), are at hand types of aquariums I should be looking at? And finally how do I know if I'm getting a good importance and how much should I expect to spend?
Answers: My recommendation would be to attain an acrylic aquarium kit, 10-20 gallons. The Marineland Eclipse 12 gallon is a terrific alternative. You can get it for around $100.

There is deeply of too and fro on acrylic versus glass (pros - frothy, thin, clearer, leakproof, shatterproof, cons - scratchable, more expensive), but on set off acrylic wins for the smaller sizes (sub 30 gallons).

The power to buying the kit is that the airpump, filter, hood and (in the casing of Eclipse) lights will be included. Less stress for you. You'll still need to buy gravel, heating system, thermometer, stand, net, siphon/"vacuum" and the trinity of chemical test (ammonia, nitrite and nitrate - $8 each usually). And you should seize ornaments (fish that can hide are fish that are smaller amount stressed, i.e. fall sick smaller amount - this is very important). Expect to spend just about $250 total for a nice, safe setup for a suitable clutch of small fish.

You've probably already done this - but please learn give or take a few cycling your tank.
powerfully i can help petco is have a sale right very soon i just get a 10 gallon aquarium with a filer and hood for 30 dollars and thats a pretty cheap price for an aquarium hope that help :D

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