55 gallon reservoir question?

Alright, so I recently get a 55 gallon tank, and I own a few questions.

1.) The container came beside a Whisper 60 filter, and a Whisper 200 watt heater. I've hear kind of iffy things almost Whisper stuff. Should I replace these with better brands? If so, what?

2.) I'm planning on making this a planted cistern, but I've never done one before. Is cycling different contained by PTs? How should I go just about it? (I'm doing a fishless cycle) Are they harder to maintain than non-planted tank?

3.) I was planning on stocking the reservoir with 6 congo tetras, 2 german blue ram, about 15 neon tetras, and 10-12 cory cats. Does this nouns do-able? Am I at my bioload limit, or could I donate more? I know about the integral "1 inch of fish per gallon" rule, but I also know that some fish have more/less impact on the bioload than others. If I can supply more, what else would you suggest I add?
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The filter you own is absolutely fine, i would lately suggest adding another submersible one for up to 20 gallons, afterwards you're definately covered with filtration

The cycling process is impossible to tell apart
the only suggestion i enjoy, is that you get really upright lights for your tank
I similar to my T5 lightning system, it's a 2 strip fixture which comes with 2 lightbulbs within it, whereas one is pink in color and promotes plant growth, the other one is white, works wonders on my cistern
I bought mine which is 48" in length for 75 bucks
They're not an iota harder to maintain afterwards just a fish lone tank

your stocking sounds fine
You could certainly add another duet of blue rams, as in good health as another school of 6 as example buenos aires tetras or rasboras
And the 1inch per gallon is BS IMO
All the fish you chose, especially your neons are extremly lowwast fish, and won't enjoy much impact on your tank

Hope that help
Good luck


Then you don't need any other more filter
these 2 will be absolutely significant for your tank
I myself use a submersible for 30 gallons and a shush for 40 gallons, and my fish are happy and my cistern is well established :)
within is TOO much cory cayts....cut it to 5-6

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